It’s February 2020, and an avowed socialist is surging into the lead of the democrat party. Yes, Bernie Sanders is looking more and more like the democrat nominee by the day. The feeble attempts of the aging Joe Biden and the singularly unlikable Mike Bloomberg are doing little to slow the momentum that Bernie is building. How did we get to this point? How did someone who has a LONG rap sheet of outrageous claims and propositions become the hero of young Democrat voters? Democrats would like to know.

Bernie Sanders, or Crazy Bernie as our President has affectionately dubbed him, is as far-left a candidate as the country has seen in several generations. Calling him a democratic socialist is only a perfunctory attempt to disguise the true policies that Sanders stands for. The man is a full-on socialist and a borderline communist. He has called for the nationalization of the energy sector, the healthcare industry, banks, and major factories. His first day legislation would ban the combustion engine, cows, and destroy the military. His foreign policy positions are highlighted by his desire to rejoin the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. With a wish list like this, you would expect a decorated 30-year congressional career full of bills ‘fighting for the little man’. Instead, Bernie has only succeeded in passing 3 bills in his whole career, and two of those bills rename post offices!

While the policy positions are bad, the things Bernie has said during his 30+ years in the political limelight are even crazier. For starters, there’s the infamous video of a shirtless Bernie singing a Soviet folk song, in the USSR, on his honeymoon. That’s so outrageous it’s almost impossible to believe. On the same trip, Sanders praised the infrastructure of the USSR as superior to America’s. The country completely collapsed several years later. Sanders has praised the Cuban Revolution as a victory for a new value system, all while he derided reports of the human rights abuses in Cuba as right-wing propaganda. Sanders thought so highly of Daniel Ortega’s radical Sandinista party that he traveled to Guatemala to meet with him. Perhaps the most insane comments of all came in a 1980s interview when Sanders claimed that Venezuelan bread lines were a GOOD thing. I don’t know about you, but I like my bread lining up for me.

Is Bernie crazy? I certainly think so. His plans cost an estimated $96 Trillion; a fairytale number that simply can’t be achieved. His campaign attracts radicals, some of whom are calling for Trump supporters to be confined in gulags (note: the staffer in question is still employed by Sander’s campaign). He dislikes charities because he can’t tax them. He plans on raising taxes for anyone making more than $29,000. He capitalizes, pun intended, of the same extreme rhetoric that Trump is attacked for. Overall, he represents the biggest threat to America that this country has seen in a while. So why is he so popular?

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What’s the thing that everyone from Joe Rogan to the most radical leftist praises Bernie for? His consistency. In a world where the democrat party has waged war against anything substantial, Bernie Sanders has become the rock of consistency. When religion is derided, when the family unit has been destroyed, when most relationships only last one night, when history is being rewritten, and when even something like gender has to be deconstructed, people need something solid to cling on to. They need a rock that doesn’t change with the political winds. In the old, wild-haired, communist they have found that rock.

While I will say that Bernie has been consistently crazy forever; to say that he has been perfectly consistent from his dirt floor commune days to now is simply untrue. For starters, to deny that Bernie is a communist is to acknowledge his inconsistencies. He has clearly espoused communist views, and favorable opinions of communist nations, for several decades. To deny that he is communist is to either admit that he HAS changed his views, or to admit that you are a liar. Secondly, Bernie is the only socialist I know of worth $3 Million and with three homes. His famous rants about ‘millionaires and billionaires’ had to be amended to reflect his newfound financial status. Last time I checked, being a member of the group you publicly attack on a regular basis is not being consistent.

Finally, Bernie’s whole political career is centered on fighting corruption, and yet he has found himself entangled in multiple corruption scandals. His wife has a long history of profiting off his political career, but it’s Sander’s non-profit organizations that really take the cake. Our Revolution, a group founded and run by Sanders, has been sued by Common Cause, a campaign finance watchdog, for multiple campaign finance violations. Mention that next time a Sanders supporter starts talking about PAC money.

So, maybe Bernie isn’t as consistent as the popular belief holds. Oh well, people are still going to vote for him. His message of relentless negativity is resonating with a population that is becoming increasingly unhappy, for reasons that have nothing to do with politics. But Republicans do need to be wary; this guy is the Bad News Bears in the flesh.

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